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Why officeTidy?

Innovative Cleaning Solutions

OfficeTidy is a commercial cleaning company based in Southampton and operating throughout Hampshire. We have made office cleaning our sole focus and by combining innovative software with quality systems, we have developed the perfect solution to your office cleaning needs. 

A tailored service that provides you with the means to communicate with us  instantly and efficiently through the use of a simple app on your phone or devices.

Our unique way of cleaning management will give you peace of mind and the freedom to get on with the things that contribute most to your business whilst we keep your office clean and tidy all year round.

Our aim is to go above and beyond when working with our clients to listen and understand their exact needs. All of our staff are fully trained, fully insured and can also be DBS background checked if required. Staff arrive on site wearing professional uniform and relevant identity badges.

We believe that understanding our client's needs and requirements is a vital step to establishing a long-lasting business relationship and key to helping us exceed your expectations.

Listed below are some of our benefits to give you an idea of what you can expect from us and how we can make your working environment a cleaner, healthier place.


We use a really simple app that allows us to communicate with our clients quick and easy. All you need to do is go on to your phone or device and click on the app and there you have it.

There are two options, you can either call us directly or message us through the app. On the messages you can mark a message as urgent or you can send us pictures, which is quite helpful if you have any areas you notice of concern.

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Unlike large nationwide companies we only operate in Hampshire which means we are not as spread out as a lot of our competitors. This in turn means we are readily available to deal with any issues or to just drop in to see how things are going, usually at the drop of a hat.

The system we have in place really gives us the ability to provide a personal service and that’s something we are quite proud of.

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We focus only on the cleaning of office buildings which means you get a service that is familiar with potential problems that can arise commonly in your sector and also it means we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t in regards to operations.

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We run our business with continually high standards, and are committed to providing all our customers with exactly the same high quality of cleaning service.
We pride ourselves on what we do, so you can get on with your business, in a clean and comfortable office environment.

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We strive to operate with a responsible attitude to the office environment and the effect upon it.

We are committed to running our business to high ethical standards in the long term.

Consequently, we are trying to encourage our customers to take a similar approach towards the way they conduct their business in respect of the environment.

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We carry out excellent cleaning and match this with excellent customer service.

That’s why we carry out courtesy calls to each and every one of our customers, every month, without fail.

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Ensuring we provide the very best cleaning service.

Quality checking procedures revolve around visual checks (daily), area supervisor checks (weekly) and fully documented checks (monthly).

All inspections are documented using “Quality Inspection Reports”.

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We believe that resourcing and recruitment of suitably experienced and qualified staff with a positive attitude to their work is fundamental to the provision of high-quality services.

Our supervisors continually monitor our cleaning operatives’ performance to make sure that it meets your needs and our own demanding standards.

This approach guarantees that our clients experience the very best in cleanliness across every site.

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All staff are fully vetted.

Before commencing employment, references supplied will be investigated.

Subject to these being satisfactory and on commencement of employment, operatives are requested to complete our Employment Form.

Some establishments require their own security vetting process with which we are happy to comply.

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We use innovative cleaning management software that makes communication between us and our clients quick and easy. This means should any problem arise, which they inevitably will in the cleaning industry, we can be instantly alerted directly through the software we use. Moreover, our clients are able to take pictures of any problem scenarios and mark any messages that need a quick response as urgent.

The software we use also allows us to communicate very efficiently with our cleaners. If our cleaners spot any problem areas during the cleaning, they can snap a photo and directly contact us by phone or urgent message all through the app.

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We only clean office space which means our clients benefit from a wealth of knowledge dealing with similar buildings and similar circumstances. This helps us achieve our goal of providing a consistent, reliable service because we focus all of our attention on you.

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One of the most important benefits to hiring OfficeTidy is that we free up your time. We aim to make our cleaning service work for you so that you can get on with more important tasks. We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that your building is clean and hygienic at all times and that any problem that may arise can be quickly solved by getting in touch, which is made very easy through the management software we use.

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Our Services

Computer and brush IT Equipment Anti-bacterial Cleaning

duster and cabinet Break Room Cleaning

vacuum Vacuum Office Carpeting

Mop and Bucket Wash / Mop Hard Flooring

Bin and rubbish Office Waste Removal

piniform Kitchen Cleaning

Window cleaning Interior Window Cleaning

cleaning sink Washroom services

reception desk Dust / Polish / Clean Reception Area

desk cleaning Hygienic Desk Cleaning

toilet items Toilet Facility Cleaning

toilet Replacement of Toilet Facility


It’s quick and simple to email us with your cleaning service requirements for a free quotation, whatever the size of your premises.


We’ll call you back for an initial chat about your cleaning requirements, there’s no hidden fee and no obligation to move contracts.


Let’s arrange for one of our trained Estimators to visit your work premises for an accurate and tailored cleaning quotation.

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