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OfficeTidy Cleaning Services is a professional office cleaning company with a personal approach. Our highly trained and hand-selected cleaning operatives expertly and respectfully maintain your workspace, with the backing of a robust and proactive management team.

OfficeTidy is a cleaning company designed specifically for the office environment. We have made office cleaning our ONLY focus.

All of our staff are Professional, fully trained, fully insured and can also be DBS background checked if required. All our staff will arrive on site wearing professional uniforms and relevant identity badges.

We are a premium cleaning company, committed to delivering the best possible service for our clients.


As Your Cleaning Service Provider We make sure to:

  • Provide fully trained & DBS background checked cleaners

  • Regularly liaise with your designated representative

  • Conduct quality assurance audits

  • Provide performance inspection reports

  • Monitor performance and standards

  • Provide adequate labour cover for holidays and sickness

  • Adhere to health & safety law directives

  • Adhere to employment law directives

  • Supply all our staff with professional uniform

  • Provide quality consumable cleaning materials

  • Provide and maintain quality tools and equipment

  • Reduce our environmental impact


It all begins with an in-depth discussion with stakeholders to understand your needs and any challenges you may have. We then carry out a thorough on-site survey to figure out all the buildings usage and any details about fabric types. Here are some of the observations we will make:

What are the buildings used for? What outputs do you expect? What is working well? Who uses the buildings and when? What areas need extra attention? What are the floors made of? These are just a few of the many of observations we will need to make to create the perfect cleaning solution for you.

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The second step is to evaluate our on-site survey and create a proposal taking into account your needs, expectations, challenges and current cleaning regime. Although we consider your current cleaning regime, we will not be led by it as our aim to create the most efficient cleaning routine, from the ground up.

We use a combination our knowledge and BICSc productivity levels to acertain how many hours, cleaning staff and supervisory support will be required to fulfil your contract. At this point we will be ready to submit your solution.

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Once you have reviewed and accepted our proposal our account manager will liaise with your point of contact to begin the process of implementation. If there is TUPE, we will consider it. If you have any specific requirements for our staff, we will arrange that too.

This period usually takes around 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of your requirements.

We will then liaise with your point of contact on a regular basis to see how we can improve our service, carry out quality inspections and answer any questions that you may have.

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included in your office cleaning contract:

Computer and brush IT Equipment Anti-bacterial Cleaning

duster and cabinet Break Room Cleaning

vacuum Vacuum Office Carpeting

Mop and Bucket Wash / Mop Hard Flooring

Bin and rubbish Office Waste Removal

piniform Kitchen Cleaning

Window cleaning Interior Window Cleaning

cleaning sink Washroom services

reception desk Dust / Polish / Clean Reception Area

desk cleaning Hygienic Desk Cleaning

toilet items Toilet Facility Cleaning

toilet Replacement of Toilet Facility

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