5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Cleaning Service For You

Posted on 8th July 2019

As the cleaning industry in the UK has grown there has been an increase in the number of options to choose from. As demand for cleaning services has become more evident, many cleaning services have emerged as a result. However, because of the few formal requirements needed to start a contract cleaning company, there is a clear difference in quality between professional cleaning companies and companies operating with inexperience. This brief article will give you 5 tips to choose the right cleaning service for your premises.

1.   Do they understand your business?

Is your business a call centre, insurance company or full of multi-let offices? It makes all the difference to how the premises should be cleaned. Make sure to tell your prospect cleaning company exactly what it is your business does, so they can understand how to best approach the cleaning regime.

2.   Will the cleaners be professionally trained?

It goes without saying that your prospect cleaning company should have trained and skilled professional employees. They should have a good understanding of cleaning knowledge and should know how to use cleaning equipment correctly.

Just because a company offers you the lowest price doesn’t mean that they are the best fit. On the other hand, you may pay slightly more to work with a professional cleaning company but in the long-term, the extra expense could save a lot of headaches.

It is also very important that the company adheres to Health and Safety and manual handling policies.

3.   Are they insured?

Commercial cleaners must have the correct insurance to protect your workplace and people if anything were to go wrong.

Its worth verifying the company’s insurance to confirm the validity of the policy. Liability insurance is the most important. You can never be too safe!

4.   What work environment do you want to create?

Its so important to create a positive working environment. Reception and client facing areas need to be welcoming and calm, whereas offices need to be clean and organised to help with productivity.

Your prospect cleaning company should be asking a lot of questions to find out what environment you want to create for your workplace and employees.

5.   Services Offered

Its important to find out what services your prospect cleaning company offer in order to establish how suitable they will be to clean your building.

Do they specialise in office cleaning?

Do they specialise in industrial or specialist cleaning services?

What types of customers do they currently clean for?

These are vital questions in order to find the perfect cleaning company to keep your building looking its best.

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