How To Reduce Plastic Waste In Your Workplace

Posted on 12th July 2019

Plastic waste is a significant problem that is having an impact on a global scale. We are now generating an estimated 300 million tonnes of plastic annually, according to a Greenpeace report 10% per cent of which eventually makes its way into our oceans. Unless drastic changes are made, this is likely to grow to a point where it will impact our lives and nature in unimaginable ways. When it comes to plastic waste, most of the scrutiny has been put on manufacturers where they are expected to use less. However, when we consider the workplace and offices, in particular, there is a lot that can be done to make a change. So, when it comes to identifying how to reduce plastic waste in the officereduce plastic waste in the office, what can businesses do?

Make Recycling Bins Readily Available

When employees are focused on their roles and completing tasks, the last thing they need is to have to search for a recycling bin. So, if offices make them readily available and accessible it makes it easier for them to dispose of their waste in the right way. This could mean that more waste is recycled and less makes its way into the ocean or landfill.

Carry Out a Waste Audit

In order to identify ways of how to reduce plastic waste in the office, a waste audit can be carried out. This is the perfect place to begin and it will help to determine the type of waste and volumes being generated. At this point, it will make it possible to select the right course of action. You might identify a large number of single-use water bottles disposed of by employees or you might identify that you are ordering and wasting large volumes of plastic pockets or files.

Create a Green Team

Discuss the problem of plastic waste with employees and then put together a green team. They can monitor plastic usage at certain times of the year and continuously remind staff about the effects and the cost associated with plastic waste. Much of the waste seen in the office comes from items that staff bring into the workplace. This comes in the form of food and drink containers, both of which contribute significantly to the problem of global plastic waste. Alongside employees monitoring plastic waste and usage, you could also introduce your procurement staff into the process. It is possible that they can play a significant role in reducing the volume of plastic waste that you generate. As they have an influence over what is purchased, they can seek out alternatives, provide insights into purchase requests and question what is being used.

Reduce bins

Depending on your cleaning rota, you may wish to reduce the number of bins in your office. In many cases bin bags with just a few items in the bottom are removed and replaced every day, which is a huge waste of bin liners! Fewer bins mean fuller bins. You may also want to talk to your cleaning company about making some changes.

No more plastic cups and bottles

Get rid of plastic cups by water coolers and taps. Instead provide glasses or encourage staff to make use of reusable, environmentally friendly bottles instead. A plastic water bottle ban will also help cut down on the plastic waste your team produces.

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