Reduce Absenteeism in the Office

Posted on 30th August 2019

It’s common knowledge that one of the major factors that negatively impacts productivity in the workplace is sickness. Research has shown that when we suffer from illness at work, there is an overall loss in performance of 3-8%. Colds, flus and stomach bugs can spread rapidly in an office environment where employees work in close proximity each day so the impact of sickness on overall productivity over a period of time can be much higher when considering overlaps and time taken in getting back up to speed.

The negative impact of workplace sickness

Regular absenteeism costs a business money. On average each employee will take around 7 sick days per year. Sick employees cost money, which can clearly be detrimental to a business, particularly if it becomes a regular occurrence or multiple employees are off at the same time.

Results collected from Dr Charles Gerba’s study,  The Healthy Workplace Project , demonstrated that maintaining a clean workplace can help to reduce the possibility of catching the common cold or flu by up to 80%, so correlations show that as hygiene and cleanliness increases, absenteeism decreases.

Where Does the Bacteria Collect?

The most common surfaces in an office to become easily contaminated are computer keyboards, phones, behind desks beside the electronics, bathroom taps, microwave and refrigerator handles, vending machine buttons, office chairs and in the corners of ceilings and floors.

Some of these seem like obvious places for bacteria to collect, however a professional cleaning company can help you to tackle areas that are not so frequently thought of.

At OfficeTidy , our expert cleaners offer a wide range of  office cleaning services including:

  • Hard and carpeted floor care
  • Waste disposal including recycling
  • High level dusting
  • Freestanding and built in furniture cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Communal areas including canteen/kitchen cleaning

We tailor each cleaning programme to fit the individual needs of each business, focussing on the high traffic and high bacteria areas of your work spaces.

Get a cleaning quote for your office

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