Get Your Office Winter Ready!

Posted on 20th November 2019

OfficeTidy Winter Commercial Cleaning

As the temperatures drop, it’s time for businesses, offices and other facilities to prep for winter and the hazards it can bring, especially in areas that receive ice and snow. OfficeTidy knows you want to keep your employees, clients and visitors safe year-round and that winter presents unique challenges.

Before you turn up the radiators, learn how to get ready for winter in commercial settings to ensure that all of your people stay safe this season.

Prepare Your Slip and Fall Solutions

Melting snow and ice can quickly become hazardous when tracked into your building or pooled around it outside. The best way to prevent slip and fall incidents in the workplace is to prepare to handle them before the winter weather hits – inside and out.

Outside, arrange for regular services to keep paths, walkways and car parks as free of snow and ice as possible. Maintain a protocol for salting or sanding icy areas to reduce the risk of slips and falls on-site.

Inside, place non-slip mats at all entrances to reduce the spread of melting snow and ice on floors. Schedule regular office cleaning services during the Christmas season to help maintain hazard-free areas and further reduce the risk of avoidable accidents when you’re too busy to take care of the cleaning yourself.

Regular Removal of Ice Salt from Inside

Ice melt and salt are great at preventing slippery patches outdoors during the winter. However, these chemicals are easily tracked inside on shoes and rolling bags, leaving ugly white stains and even damaging your floors. Regularly cleaning ice salt off your floors will help maintain the beauty of your carpet, hardwood, tile and other flooring materials. Luckily, the professional teams at OfficeTidy can help keep your floors shining all season long.

We know it’s important for your business to look pristine and stay safe year-round, even during the worst of the winter weather. Trust the teams at OfficeTidy Commercial Cleaning to help you get ready for winter this year, by letting us handle all your commercial cleaning needs.

We know what it takes to keep a business looking its best all year long. Call us Today to learn more and to schedule your first winter-weather cleaning.

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