Our response to COVID-19

Posted on 1st April 2020

We are receiving daily communication from customers and employees with regard to COVID-19, or Coronavirus as it is more commonly referred to. We thought it might be helpful to attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions, using the advice we have received from Public Health England as well as our company insurance policy.

Deep Cleans and Daily Cleaning

A number of our customers have closed temporarily. Most of the buildings that remain open and still require cleaning, are in the education and medical sectors. Where possible we are still cleaning these buildings, revising the service on request. In some buildings certain areas have been closed off and we are therefore able to provide a much-needed deep clean.

If an area has been known to be contaminated, our employees would not enter that area for 7 days (length of time the virus is believed to survive on hard surfaces). Once it has been cleaned and disinfected following the decontamination guidance* as set out by Public Health England, we can then enter. There are specialist suppliers who can carry out an infection clean during the 5 day period, but we are not licensed to do that.

For essential businesses that remain open, we can increase our cleaning hours to include repeatedly disinfecting contact points such as door handles, hand rails, toilets etc.

In addition, we are ensuring that all of our employees have our current guidelines around PPE clothing and the colour coding system that will help prevent spread of infection.

Introduction of Self Audits

With a view to protecting everyone from unnecessary social interaction, Contracts Managers are now carrying out self-audits only. We are calling customers beforehand, to confirm agreement with this process and to ask for feedback with regard to any areas that might require special attention. As always, we will share the outcome via telephone and invite any comment

If you have any questions regarding our response to COVID-19 please call us on 02380 010 469 or email us at info@offitcetidy.co.uk

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